• Q  How to register?
    • Visit the site
    • Click on Register link and you will have to enter on a couple of pages the details of the person intending to get married.
    • Registration is free.
    • Provide name, age, gender, e-mail ID, mobile number.
    • Enter the OTP which will be sending to your given Mobile number.
    • After you submit your information, your profile will be automatically created and you shall be given a Saathimere ID generated for future references and login purposes.
    • Once approved from Saathimere Team, You can Login to your profile.
    • Choose package for the required period for more benefits.
  • Q  What is profile validation?
    • All the profiles are validated before inclusion in the database. Express Validation of profile will take just 24 Hours’ Time. Our support team meticulously validates each and every profile carefully on specific criterion before it is added to our database. E-mail will be sent to you once the profile is validated and approved.
  • Q  On what criteria is a profile validated?
    • Almost every word counts. We categorically ignore profiles that are submitted by underage persons, and profiles that contain abusive content. We reject profiles that contain invalid data such as added for fun/looking for friendship/not related to marriage. We try and maintain the highest quality in the database. We serve to ensure only members who are serious about marriage and make use of the service.
  • Q  Single registration
    • 1) Can I register on behalf of someone else ?
    • A
      Yes, you can register on behalf of someone else.

    • 2) Can I register for my sister/brother and myself with the same Saathimere ID?
    • A
      A Saathimere ID identifies each person uniquely. Please register separate profiles for you and your sibling for individual partner searches.

    • 3) Can I register for my friend, relative or sibling?
    • A
      Yes! In fact we have a large number of profiles being registered by parents, siblings, relatives, etc.

    • 4) Can I register profiles for my sibling and myself with the same e-mail ID?
    • A
      No, you can’t! An e-mail ID identifies each person uniquely.

  • Q  What should I enter in the profile description field?
    • Your profile description is where you reveal yourself - your personality, your likes and dislikes, your educational and family background, career and personal interests, and expectations about your partner. Try to give a clear self-description and a complete picture of what you expect and have all the important details in a well-organised manner. A good description will always fetch instant responses.
  • Q  What all information from my profile will be displayed to other members?
    • Free members can view only some of your details. They cannot view your mobile number and email ID. Paid members can view all your details.
  • Q  What is Mobile Number Verification?
    • Saathimere is the site to display 100% verified mobile numbers. The verification process is done free of cost. There is auto verification of you mobile once you enter OTP at the time of registration.
  • Q  How to hide mobile number?
    • Mobile number can be hided in accordance with your setting. This setting can be modified once you login to your account and go to Privacy Setting under Setting option

Search Profiles

  • Q  What is Advance Search ?
    • Advance search enables search of profiles through gender, domain, caste, age, profiles photo, location, education and Lifestyle etc.
  • Q  What is Basic Search?
    • This is a basic search based on age, height, marital status, regional sites, religion, caste and country living in.
  • Q  Search by Members Online ?
    • Search for members based on your preference and those who are currently online from connected members.
  • Q  Can I save my Search criteria so that I don't have to set it every time ?
    • Yes! You can save search criteria that can be used later. You can edit the search criteria and the saved search criteria can be deleted.
  • Q   Search results ?
    • When your search options are not broad enough then your search results will say “No Match”. To get better search results reset the criteria in your profile by click on Search link. Reset the basic search criteria. You can also Save Search.
  • Q  What is partner preference?
    • Partner Preference is a feature that helps you define your ideal spouse and set your suitability criteria. With this feature you would receive information about members suiting your expectations regularly.

Matched Profiles

  • Q  What are New Matches?
    • This is the list of matches which are newly added to Saathimere on the basis of you partner preference. You may like these profiles as they seem suitable as per your profile details.
  • Q  What are My Matches?
    • These are the profiles of all members shortlisted as potential alliances based on your partner preference criteria. This could well lead to finding the perfect match as you seem to be looking for each other.
  • Q  What are Near Me Matches?
    • These are the profiles of all members shortlisted as potential alliances based on your city living in irrespective to the partner preference. This could well lead to finding the perfect match as you seem to be looking for each other within same city.
  • Q  I get the error "No matches" while searching for the profiles. Why is that so?
    • Please check your search criteria when you receive this message.

Shortlist Profile

  • Q  How do I short-list profiles ?
    • Login to your account. Select any profile. There is a red heart, click to that red heart which then turn into black. The profile will be added to your list of shortlisted/Favourite profiles. The profile will be seen on the Shortlisted Profile list on Dashboard / Home page.
  • Q  How do I remove from short-listed profiles ?
    • Login to your account. Select any profile from Shortlisted Profile list. View that profile There is a black heart, click to that black heart which then turn into again red. The profile will remove from your list of shortlisted / Favourite profiles.
  • Q  How do I ignore / Decline profile ?
    • Login using your account. Go to Inbox and then Invitation. Opt for viewing full profile. You will find options to Not interested option.

My Profile

  • Q  How do I create a complete profile?
    • A quick careful glance of the following topics will help you to include photos, fill the details for family background, Education, Lifestyle etc. to make your profile complete.
  • Q  How many photos can I add?
    • You can add up to 5 photos to your profile. Photo must be a .gif, .jpg format.
  • Q  How to upload photos?
    • Login using your Saathimere/e-mail ID /Mobile and Password. Click on the My Album section. Click on the Add Photo link under. In the Add Photo page, click on the Browse button. Select your photo in jpg/gif format and click Upload Photo. Once approve and validate your Photos will reflect on your account.
  • Q  What is photo validation process?
    • Every photo posted on our website involves a manual screening. The turnaround time for validation is 24 hours. Only after the photo is validated it will be available for all members to see.
  • Q  How do I protect my photo?
    • You can protect your photo or privacy of your photo with a setting.
  • Q  How do I unprotect my photo?
    • This will set by from your setting only. Premium member can see all the photos irrespective to the settings.
  • Q  How to delete photos?
    • Login using your Saathimere/e-mail ID /Mobile and Password. Click on the My Album section. In the Photo page click on the delete link to delete the photo.
  • Q  What is request photo?
    • This feature helps you to send a request to a member to add his/her photo if he/she has not added one.
  • Q   What is View profile?
    • It is the view of your profile as others see it. To take a look at your full profile: Login using your Saathimere/e-mail ID /Mobile and Password. Click View Profile link on the dashboard.
  • Q   What is edit / Modify profile?
    • Edit profile is the section of the site where you can make changes and additions to your profile. Login with your Saathimere ID/E-mail ID/Mobile number. Click on the Edit profile link or my profile.
  • Q   What are privacy settings?
    • Privacy settings help you decide who can contact you, or who can view your contact details. To decide who can contact you, use Manage Contact Filters available in the Settings page under Home.
  • Q   What is a filter?
    • Login using your Saathimere/e-mail ID /Mobile and Password. Click Matches. With a filter in the right side you can choose by whom you want to connect. Set a broad preference so that you get good responses while eliminating non-relevant members from contacting you.
  • Q   How to delete profile?
    • "If you wish to delete your profile from Saathimere, just mail us on"
  • Q   Are there any restrictions on modifications?
    • Most of the contents of your profile can be modified as often as you wish to do so. However, the member's Mobile Number, Full name and Email-ID cannot be edited.
  • Q   What are the DO's and DON'Ts while creating a matrimonial profile ?
    • Here are the Do's and Don'ts while creating your profile to give members the best portrayal of yourself.
    • Do's
    • While creating a matrimonial profile, give brief information about yourself in the profile description part. Try your best to touch upon various aspects of your life like:
    • Your personality (what kind of a person you are, your likes and dislikes). Your educational and professional background including your achievements. Your family (how many members, family values - Traditional or modern) your career plans. Your expectations from your soul mate. Add a recent photograph to improve chances of getting responses.
    • Don'ts
    • Please do not give a lengthy description. Try to keep your description short and complete and do not get into the minutes details .
    • Please do not try to display your contact details in your profile, except in the space provided for contact details. Do not include content that is vulgar or racist. Also see our terms of use/service agreement for more details of what type of content is prohibited on Not conforming to any of the above can lead to your profile being rejected.

Ways To Contact


  • Q  What is the difference between free membership & paid ?
    • Benefits of free member
    • Can see profile details except Mobile number.
    • Benefits of paid member
    • You can send personalised e-mails to members you like instead of sending Interest as you can see Email ID. Saathimere has an instant messenger where you can initiate chat with prospects you are interested in and have a conversation instantly. You can view the contact number of members you like. You can contact any one from millions of members.
  • Q   What are the packages available for your paid services?
    • Please find rates of the packages available for our paid services.
  • Q   What are the packages available for What are the different modes of payment?
    • Please find rates of the packages available for our paid services.
  • Q   What are the different modes of payment ?
    • You can make payments through credit card/debit card/net banking, pay at banks.
    • Online payment is the easiest, fastest and secured mode of payment. Our payment gateway provider adopts the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, an internationally proven widely accepted technology that ensures highest level of security while transacting on the net, preventing unauthorized access.
    • You can also pay via offline mode, provided bank details through cash, cheque or DD/MO. Payments should be sent in the local currency only.
  • Q  I'm not able to make the online payment with my card even though it's a valid one. Why?
    • Make sure you are entering the correct credit/debit/net-banking card number and expiry date. If you continue having problems, please call your credit/debit/net-banking issuing bank and make sure your card has sufficient funds.
  • Q  Is online payment secure?
    • Yes! It is secure to make online payments. Our payment gateway provider adopts the SSL (Secured Socket Layer) technology, an internationally proven widely accepted technology. Our payment gateway service providers ensure that your credit card details are kept secure while transacting on the net, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Q  How long will it take to upgrade my profile if I have made the payment by Cheque/DD through post or courier?
    • If you paid via online method then immediately it will be active.
    • If you paid via Offline method then we will upgrade your profile once we got the payment confirmation from our bank. If you have made the payment and your profile is still not upgraded, kindly contact our office or send an e-mail to  along with your payment details.
  • Q  Pay at banks
    • Bank Details for offline method
      BANK NAME: Induslnd Bank Limited
      BRANCH: Ghatkopar
      ADDRESS: Business Park, Tilak Rd, Ghatkopar (E), Mumbai 400077.
      IFSC Code: INDB0000152
      A / C No.: 259321045636
      CUSTOMER ID: 41073162

Login Details

  • Q  How do I log in?
    • Log in from the Home page and enter your Saathimere ID or e-mail ID or Mobile number and password into the respective fields and click Login button.
  • Q  What is Saathimere ID ?
    • A Saathimere ID is a unique combination of an alphabet and a number (e.g. A123456). To identify you uniquely, a Saathimere ID is assigned to you when you register with us. This Saathimere ID is to be referred in all correspondences with
  • Q  I forgot my Saathimere ID/Password. What should I do ?
    • You can retrieve your Saathimere ID/Password by clicking on Forgot Password link in home page and enter your E-mail ID. We will send you an e-mail with your Saathimere ID and 'Password' immediately. Your E-mail ID should be the one given in your profile.
  • Q  Why is the message Invalid Saathimere /e -mail ID /Mobile or Incorrect Password being displayed when I try to login?
      You could have received these messages due to any of the below reasons.
    • Please ensure you enter the correct login details. The Password you have entered might be wrong or you might be having the CAPS LOCK "On". Please check whether the Password is entered in the correct case (Upper or Lower).
    • Please ensure that there are no spaces in the Saathimere ID typed. For e.g., it should be A123456 not A 1234 56.
    • The E-mail ID you are using to login must be the same one with which you had registered on the website.
    • Also make sure that you are approved by Saathimere team. If you are not approved then you cannot login.
  • Q  Can I choose my own Saathimere ID ?
    • Every Saathimere ID is unique and is allocated by the system. You cannot choose your own Saathimere ID since it is system generated and cannot be changed under any circumstance.
  • Q  Do you provide any dating/friendship services ?
    • If you are looking for dating/friendship other than Marriage, you are probably looking into the wrong site! provides only Matrimony-related services. Our site only invites people who are looking forward to a serious commitment of getting married.
  • Q  When is it possible to give you a 100% refund ?
    • There is no refund policy
  • Q  What is Premium Profile
    • This feature is a Profile Highlighter/booster. Your profile has a better visibility as this features your profile at the top of search results of members looking for someone like you

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